Coming this V-Day: Lonely Hearts Club Meetings

I’ve been single for Valentine’s Day since my son was born. He’s three and half years old. Whatever.
Seriously, whatever.
I’ve never really had a problem with not having a hunny to shower affections upon me one day of the year, to make public gestures of love on my behalf and spend way too much money on useless nonsense. I honestly, have always enjoyed the day, single and ready-to-mingle or otherwise. It’s harmless fun and frivolity, and if you feel the need to hate on an exchanges of glitter-encrusted pieces of construction paper, there’s likely a reason you don’t have anyone asking you to “Be mine.”

Honestly, it’s a little more difficult to kick back and enjoy all the married and coupled friends’ V-Day Facebook posts when you’re dealing with pressure to win a bet for best gift. Valentine’s Day planning is lot of work, son!
Aside from the exuberant spending, boasting, gushing, kissy photos, whining about single life and other “disgusting” behavior that goes on around this time of year, beware of the most disturbing of all: lonely deep sea fishing.
There’s an assumption that single women feel especially left out at Valentines’ Day. Maybe men even consider them “easy targets” for a quickie this month. I don’t know. But every year, about seven to 10 days away from V-Day, a handful of private “fishing” messages seem to creep into my in-boxes, and I get the impression it happens to singles all over the social media realm.
Some may be harmless attempts to “catch up,” sure, but many wind up turning into questions about dating, going on a date or not-so-subtle attempts to skip that whole “date” thing all together.
This post is not meant to be a humble brag, but rather the raising of an honest question: “Are dudes deliberately preying on chicks they believe to be single and lonely on Valentine’s Day, or are dudes secretly the ones who can’t stand being alone? Maybe it isn’t a dude thing at all; Are chicks doing the same thing?”
Either way, it’s not exactly a turn-on, and it also has me wondering, “Does this actually work?”
Tell me what you think… Is Valentine’s Day the harvest season for quick, regret-filled hookups, or am I just being neurotic (like usual)?


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