Messiah: bring yo tissues

Mr. Frost surprised me with a trip to see Messiah, the most somber Christmas celebration in history. I was sad watching it, not even knowing what they were saying in ANY of the musical numbers; I know a story is being told, but since they’re singing, it’s incomprehensible.
I just couldn’t help it, I felt upset. Like it was a sad storyline.
The choir sounded beautiful, though. And my man Mark Stoneman rocked his solo.
But I was a little distracted by the single red dressed woman in the sea of black and white ensembles. Frost and I were dying to know what happened to her in her child hood to warrant this type of attention seeking.
I was more intrigued by the skeleton in an oversized blazer next to the lady in the red dress. She seemed to encompass the overall feeling of the performance, sad and lacking something (other than a healthy diet).
It was good to have the perfect partner for the show, however.


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