Women with man hands

In honor of my blog officially beating out a news story about manual castration for people searching for “women with man hands,” (who the hell is searching for this anyway?) I’ve decided to honorably mention a few lady-man-hands shots from the Internetz here. Plus, this blog could seriously use a little comic relief.


Seriously? “women with man hands” search drove one person here yesterday. I’ll take all the views I can get, really.


It was either this or change the name of the entire blog to “Woman with Man Hands,” and immediately start searching for a tiny keyboard to make my hands look huge in the Gravatar picture.

Onward to man-handliness!

This gem was submitted by my co-worker, Scott:


Maybe it’s the thin, gold watch band or the lavender silk shirt… but this man is awful womanly. Or this woman seriously has man hands.

When I thought of the ultimate “man hands” shot, this is what came to mind:


Great book. Creepy cover.

This appears to be a favorite, according to Google (who never leads searchers astray):


Menage a man hands.

I don’t know who Jillian Barberie is, but apparently she has man hands as well.


Nail polish doesn’t change a thang, ladies.

So the next time anyone searches for “women with man hands” they can legitimately be funneled here, even though I have no idea how anyone would make it past search result #3: a news story about a woman castrating a man with her bare hands.




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