Cell phone: wonderful tool or torture device?

I’m notoriously bad at not deleting my old text messages and photos from my phone. Then I get frustrated when I try to take a picture and am cock-blocked by a “Not enough memory” prompt. On top of that, I find old messages from him on there. Yesterday was the first time I felt something reminiscent of missing him, so this was just unnecessarily brutal:

I have not stopped loving you, you’re the most amazing woman I ever had the pleasure of spending my time with. The decision I made was a horrible one and I will never let my thinking process outweigh my heart ever again. We have shared so many good times together and I can’t wait to create even more together–Oct. 13

The problem isn’t that my phone doesn’t have enough memory. The problem is that I have too many memories to part with. Clean swipe? or hang on to a few?


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