And so it begins…

I know there are hundreds and thousands of families trying to deal with the stress of long-distance relationships with their loved ones due to military deployments. I have never done this before; I have never been in love with a military service person before; and I certainly do not want to be without him.

This is our corner of the Internetz to share with the other, and I suppose with all of you. Laugh with us. Cry with us. Just don’t be surprised when you find yourself saying, “Man these guys are awesome…probably more awesome than me.”



2 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. I have always emerged from deployments thankful for the experience. I am not going to lie – it will be difficult at times. But homecoming is one of the most amazing moments ever to be had during our time on Earth. Best of luck on your ‘longest’ year!

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